Taboga Town, also known as “The Island of the Flowers”, was founded circa 1549 and is located in the Panama Bay, Solitariasouth of the capital. During the Second World War, the island sheltered a United States Army military base, located in the hill of Cerro de la Cruz, representing a great economic growth due to the number of soldiers stationed there.  Taboga offers beautiful beaches for swimming, fishing or diving; in the town you can find restaurants and hotels with an excellent quality and service.  Hotel Taboga offers lodging, air conditioning, swimming pool, hot water, television, private bathrooms, cafeteria, bar and a conference room.

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Isla Taboga pueblo 300

¿How to get there?

By boat transportation service or private boats, in approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour (11 nautical miles). The transportation departs from the Marina in La Playita at Amador (Causeway), at the rear of Mi Ranchito Restaurant, 10 minutes from downtown.

$10.00 per person
You must arrive one hour in advance to buy the transportation tickets

For more information of transportation you can contact:
La Playita de Amador – Calypso Queen
Phone:  (507) 314-1730/226-1551

Where To Stay in Taboga:

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