Mountains for Canopy in Panama.  For those who like strong emotions, Panama offers magnificent mountains to practice the canopy.  In Boquete (Province of Chiriquí) and El Valle de Anton (Province of Coclé), these types of entertaining and adrenaline full activities may be performed.

This exciting and unforgettable experience is based in crossing or sliding by means of a rope or a cable and a harness, above tree cups observing a spectacular landscape and feeling the nature around you.  It has been proved that Canopy is very safe, and that it counts with highly trained and experienced personal, the cost is around $25.00 to $60 per person.

In Panama City you can also fin an option for practicing canopy in Isla Perico, Causeway Amador Causeway, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, and Bridge of the Americas Panama City.  Canopy also in the area of ​​Stone River Colon Province. A choice of high impact and exciting is the canopy from the tallest buildings in Panama City.

Panama-Tourism recommends to contact “The Adrenaline Factor” (Telephone: 236-3466) and “Play Canopy Ride” (Tel: 314-3370/6726-1284).

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