mhistoria bandera panama

Explored by Columbus in 1502 and by Balboa in 1513, Panama was the principal shipping point to and from South and Central America in colonial days.  The Panamanian movement for independence from the Spanish Crown starts November 10, 1821 with the events of the First Cry of Independence in Villa de Los Santos by Rufina Alfaro and Don Segundo Villareal, who had the backing of other towns like Nata, Penonomé Ocú and Parita. However, Panamanian patriots admiring the leadership and vision of Simon Bolivar, and the isthmus prior colonial belonging to the Viceroyalty of New Granada, take the measure of voluntarily join La Gran Colombia as a department over this. Because little attention in education, health and infrastructure necessary for its development, was followed by several breakaway attempts, obtaining its independence on November 3, 1903.

Afterwards, both countries, Panama and the United States, signed a treaty for the construction and administration of a canal that joined the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The canal became the present “CANAL DE PANAMA”. Several treaties followed referent the installation of military bases in Panamanian territory for security reasons. The United States managed the Canal until December 31st of 1999, the date that the Canal reverted to Panamá.

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