Sportfishing in Panamá.  The name Panama by itself means “abundance of fish”.  In Panama you may find a variety of different fishes both in fresh and salt water. Panama has excellent places and installations to enjoy of both professional and recreational fishing, in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Gatun Lake (Panama Canal).
The best places to fish in the Pacific Ocean are: The archipelago of Las Perlas, Piñas, Coiba, Isla Iguana, Otoque, Pedasi, Taboga, Punta Coco, and Punta Chame.  In the Atlantic Ocean are: Bocas del Toro, San Blas and Colon.

We must mention that Panama is considered as one of the best places in the world for fishing registering 250 world fishing records (more that in any other country in the world), including species such as Sail Fish, Wahoo and marlins. Specifically in the area of the Province of Darien (Piñas/Pinneaple Bay), the record of the largest sail fish in the world is registered.   Located in Piña’s Bay is the Hotel Tropic Star Lodge, that enjoys a unique beauty surrounded by a jungle rich in wild life, tropical flowers and private beaches.


Panama-Tourism, recommends the following stores you can purchase fishing accessories in Panamá:

Centro ABERNATHYVia Transístmica, Calzada de Amador y Club de Yates y Pesca507-260-1222
Centro Marino PanamáAvenida Nacional, Club de Yates y Pesca507-225-6331/66542020
Chamo´s NautilusEstación Shell de Albrook (Ave. Omar Torrijos)507-315-0008/652-61376
Alta Pesca PanamáPanamá Viejo, Zona industrial, plaza del este local #16507-396-56396
The Fishing Sotre PanamáAve. Mexico y Calle 31507-393-3030

Pesca _Pinas       Pina 3-03-07 bote pesca

Recommended places for fishing

Hotel Tropic Star LodgeBahía Piñas, Provincia de Darién800-682-3424 / 507-404-423-9931
Panama Yacht ToursCiudad Panamá507-263-5044
Club de Yates y Pesca de PanamáCiudad de Panamá507-227-3157/2166
Panama Yacht AdventuresCiudad Panamá507-263-2673
Club de Yates de BalboaBalboa, Panamá507-228-5794
Coiba AdventuresCoiba, Veraguas800-800-0907 / 507-999-8108
Isla ContadoraArchipiélago de las Perlas/Contadora507-250-4033
Islas SecasProvincia de Chiriquí805-729-2737
Gone Fishing PanamáBoca Chica, Chiriquí507-6573-0151
Pedasi FishingPedasí, Los Santos877-462-2824 / 507-708-425-9400
Panamá Millier Fishing ChartersDiablo, Panamá507-6612-2050
Panamá Fish CharterPanamá1-305-299-3918
Panamá Water Sport AdventureRoyal Decameron Beach Resort507-264-5328

Information for fishing in “Lago Gatún and Gamboa” (Canal de Panamá):

• Gamboa Rainforest Resort. They offer fishing tours for three persons for US$260.00 (Includes: boat, captain, fishing equipment, refreshments), additional person, $52.50. Telephone: (507) 314-9000*(001)877-8001690, email:

 Gamboa Lake.  You arrive at the public ramp of the Gatun Lake (located in Gamboa), past the Summit Zoo. Contact: Mr. Osvaldo A. Robles (Tel: 6666-7580).  Renting cost of the boat: $60.00 (for three persons, including guide and gasoline). The fishing cane at a cost of $5.00 and live bait for $1.00 for 12 units

• La Arenosa Lake (La Chorrera).  You arrive by the Via Interamericana, turning 10 minutes after the toll booth of the La Chorrera highway, then you turn right in a sign toward the community of El Espino, continue for approximately 30 minutes until you arrive to a town, where there is a sign indicating La Arenosa to the left, you continue 15 minutes more until you arrive to the lake. Contact: Mr. Feliciano “Chanito” (Tel: 244-9040). The cost of renting a boat: $40.00 (includes canes, threads, sardines, a captain, life vests, cooler, gasoline). Cost of bait: 100 sardines for $5.00. Boat trips without including sport fishing: $1.00 to $5.00 per person approximately (depending on the distance and amount of persons).

• Club Campestre La Arenosa (Arraiján, Panamá). Offers a package that includes cabins for $25.00 the night that includes: air condition, 2 double beds, hot water, terrace over the lake, social area, pool for children, kayak rental. Contact: Mr. Alfredo Macias.  Telephones: (507) 230-8623 – 507 225-8486 and Celular: 647-3247.

• Pesca y Paseos La Arenosa (Chorrera, Panamá).  Telephone: 6671-3247, 6657-2460,6724-0058.

Fishing Events in Panamá (Year 2013-2014)

Club Activo 20-30 SantiagoFebrero 8 -9 25 -26Santiago
Torneo de Pesca Gamboa IMayo 10 – 11Gamboa
Hacienda del MarMayo 30 – 31Isla de las Perlas
Club Activo 20-30 SantiagoJunio 27 – 28Panamá
Torneo Alhikaso PedasíJunio 27,28,29Pedasí
Club de Yates y Pesca PanamáJulio 26 - 27Las Perlas
Torneo YAMAHAAgosto 22 – 23Las Perlas
Torneo Punta ChameSpetiembre 20 -21Punta Chame
Torneo CebacoSpetiembre 26 -27Cebaco
Torneo de Pesca Gamboa IIOctubre 18 – 19Gamboa
Torneo CLUB 20-30 DavidNoviembre 7- 8 David
Torneo Copa Juan Ramón PollNoviembre 29Panamá

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