Camping in La Yeguada Reserv Forest, is a spectacular experience located in Calobre, Province of Veraguas, is one of the best places to camp in Panamá.  It was created in 1960 to protect the basin of San Juan River in order to supply clean and abundant water to the Yeguada hydroelectric plant.

How to get there?
Panama Tourism recommends: See Google Map
If you are coming directly from Panama City, you should follow the Panamerican Highway and make the turn in the Jaguito entrance. The entrance is sign posted and it is about 15 minutes after you have passed Aguadulce. Then drive 30km from there until Calobre and then 20km more to La Yeguada.- If you are already in Veraguas, take the road from Santiago to San Francisco and from there to Calobre and La Yeguada.  There are signs all the way.  The entrance to Jaguito comes after The Oak and there is a crosswalk just after the entrance. The sign says “The Jaguito – Calobre”.  Arriving at Calobre no signs indicating the way to The Stud.  Related Links: More information on the route to the Forest Reserve The Stud There is good organization and presence of guards at the entrance.

Cost to Camp:   La Yeguada Forest Reserve is under the control of ANAM Park. For lovers of nature has camping area. Presence of guards at the entrance. Good Organization.
You pay for park admission.  Fee: $2.00 x car, $2.00 adult and $5.00 camping goods x day.



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