When you hear the word Panama, you think of the Panama Canal, which is one of our principal attractions, but Panama is much more than a Canal, it is considered a “tourist paradise for excellence waiting to be exploited, the human warmth of its people will make your visit an unforgettable experience”.

The Isthmus of Panama has the form of an inverted “S”; it is located in Central America, between Costa Rica and Colombia and in the middle of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, has a surface of 75,517 square kilometers and territorial waters of 2,210 square kilometers, which makes a territorial extension of 78,200 square kilometers.
The Republic of Panama has an extended variety of flora and fauna, beautiful beaches in the Pacific side as well as in the Atlantic side, mysterious jungles, and Indian groups of great interest.  The name Panama has an Indian origin and means abundance of fishes or of butterflies. Some colonial times historians attribute the name to the majestic tree “Panama”, of abundant shade, under which the aborigine families met.

In Panama, you can also enjoy the colonial past in the main monuments, which are the first City of Panamá, “La Vieja” (The Old) and the “Casco Viejo o Antiguo” (old city), both still displaying the original architecture.  In Panama not only you can find natural beauty but also enjoy an incredibly cosmopolitan city with the road infrastructure of a first world country, business services, telecommunications, more than 100 banking institutions, 5 star hotels, restaurants, and an excellent night life (bars, discos and casinos).


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